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Should I learn to drive an auto or manual car?

  1) If you want to drive a lorry, bus, van, pick-up or taxi, you should learn to drive a manual car.


  2) If you only want to drive a car, CRV, MPV, SUV or buying a new car**. You can learn to drive an auto car.

  3) If you want to buy auto car. You better learn to drive auto car models. Now all new car  ( 95% ) is Auto car.

        All imported new cars come with auto gear boxes. Only a few model come with manual gear box.

        Some new auto car model can drive Auto or Manual mode.


Advantages of automatic transmissions:

   1. Reduction of driver fatigue.

   2. Avoid misuse of clutch and gear selector.

   3. Smoother take-off from rest.


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